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Author: Daughters of Elvin

Daughters of Elvin

Album: Galdrbok - Medieval Songs of Love and Enchantment Author hi-fi lofi
Songs: (reproductive flash / hi-fi / lofi / Song)

 01.-hi-fiWavelofis Do Mar De Vigo
 02.-hi-fiDlofiomna Pos Vos Moan Chausida
 03.-hi-fiTo lofiChantar M'er of Odd So Qúie Volria
 04.-hi-fiAlofibundance De Felonie
 05.-hi-fiHis lofiRivera
 06.-hi-fiVlofioulez Vous Que Je Vous Chant
 07.-hi-fiOrder lofiEi Comigo
 08.-hi-fiOlofignor My Trovo
 09.-hi-fiOf lofiLa Grant Joie D'amours
 10.-hi-fiLlofiamentation I Gave Tristano/Rotta
 11.-hi-fiHlofioramay Che Fora Son

Styles of this author:

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last álbumes Daily selection Medieval
last álbumes Daily selection Folk

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