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Author: Francesca Torelli

Francesca Torelli

Album: John Dowland: Lute songs, Lute music Author hi-fi lofi
Songs: (reproductive flash / hi-fi / lofi / Song)

 01.-hi-fiGlofialliard - Praeludium
 02.-hi-fiGlofialliard - Lady Rich Galliard
 03.-hi-fiGlofialliard - If my complaints
 04.-hi-fiGlofialliard - Sir John Smith Almain
 05.-hi-fiGlofialliard - Lady Clifton Spirit
 06.-hi-fiGlofialliard - Dowland's Galliard
 07.-hi-fiNlofiocturnal - Fortune my foe
 08.-hi-fiNlofiocturnal - Eats heavy sleep
 09.-hi-fiNlofiocturnal - What if to day
 10.-hi-fiNlofiocturnal - In this trembling shadow cast
 11.-hi-fiNlofiocturnal - Midnight
 12.-hi-fiNlofiocturnal - In darkness let me dwell
 13.-hi-fiLlofiacrimae - Sorrow stay
 14.-hi-fiLlofiacrimae - Tarleton's Resurrection
 15.-hi-fiLlofiacrimae - Flow my tears
 16.-hi-fiLlofiacrimae - Silly thing
 17.-hi-fiLlofiacrimae - Go crystal tears
 18.-hi-fiPlofiassion - Lady Hudson's Puffe
 19.-hi-fiPlofiassion - Galliard
 20.-hi-fiPlofiassion - Wilt thou unkind
 21.-hi-fiPlofiassion - Galliarda Dulandi
 22.-hi-fiPlofiassion - To Hammock Joy
 23.-hi-fiPlofiassion - Fancy
 24.-hi-fiPlofiassion - Eats again

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